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Routine fire alarm inspection should not be a headache for your business or organization. A fire alarm inspection company should ensure that scheduling, maintenance and reporting for your fire alarm system is a seamless process.

Any fire alarm maintenance company that is registered in your state should have the technical knowledge to ensure that your fire alarm inspection is thorough, accurate, and up to code. We recommend selecting an experienced company that can provide references for commercial fire alarm services upon request.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get about fire alarm inspections.

A fire alarm inspection is a visual check or functional test of fire alarm system components. The control panel, smoke detectors and alarms, sprinklers or suppressants, communication system, and power sources are all inspected to make sure they are in working condition. At the end of the inspection, the fire protection company conducting the inspection will give you a report to submit to your state regulatory agency. Different fire alarm system components are inspected on a weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis according to national fire code guidelines.

Regular fire alarm system inspections are a requirement for businesses, schools, hospitals, and other organizations. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the International Code Council set out national guidelines for periodic checks of every aspect of your commercial fire alarm system. The specific requirements vary by state.

Additionally, local governments may have inspection requirements above and beyond the national requirements. The State of Florida requires that Fire Protection systems be tagged annually, quarterly and every 3 and 5 years according to the NFPA-24 and NFPA-25 by a fire system company licensed the State Fire Marshall.

A semi annual fire alarm inspection is one of the periodic inspections required by the NFPA. The NFPA code sets out a periodic schedule for each component of your fire alarm system. Some examples of equipment that must be checked semiannually are: In-Building Fire Emergency Voice/Alarm Communications Equipment, Publicly Accessible Alarm Boxes, and Water Flow Devices. The semiannual inspection must be tagged by the fire inspection company and reported to your state government.

A company should test the fire alarm on a monthly basis and conduct visual inspection of various components on a weekly basis. The NFPA Fire Code details which components must be checked weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually. In Florida, quarterly, annually and multi-year inspections must be conducted by a fire alarm inspection company that is registered with the State Fire Marshall. The only exception is certain government agencies, which can conduct their own inspections if personnel are adequately trained.

Commercial Fire Inspection

Palmer Electric is an experienced Commercial Fire Inspection company in Orlando, FL. We provide fire alarm inspection for commercial fire alarm systems of all sizes. We understand the importance of a reliable, efficient process for scheduling and reporting your routine fire alarm inspections. We also provide integrated installation and monitoring services for your fire alarm and security system.

Our team is highly trained in fire alarm inspection to protect the long-term safety of building occupants as well as the integrity of the physical property. Palmer Electric has operated in Orlando since 1951 and is one of the top Fire Alarm Inspection Companies in Central Florida. Contact us for an estimate on our commercial fire inspection and maintenance services or call us at 407) 646-8700 for more information.

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