Security Cameras and NVRs

Palmer Electric provides you the ability to view your cameras from a smart phone or internet enabled device, so that you can check on your home or business remotely at any time.

If you requiring an additional layer of security? We can provide monitored video surveillance that include central station operators who can respond to security alarms with a look in to provide accurate information to first responders.

Our Home Automation allow the remote arming and disarming of your security system. You no longer have to wonder “Did we remember to set the alarm?”. The system will send you alerts so you know when the system is “Armed” or “Disarmed”.

Home Automation features will let you control your lights, thermostat and other Z-Wave compatible devices from your iPhone, iPad and Android Devices.

No existing phone line is needed. Cellular technology built into the system allows it to call out in emergencies and to keep you connected by your iPhone or Android device with easy to use apps.

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