When the power goes out in a storm, turn to the name Central Florida has trusted since 1951. Palmer Electric is the #1 Generator Installation Company in the area. Do you need home & commercial generators? Call now 407-646-8700 or fill out the contact form below to find excellent generator installation near you.

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    Home Generator Installation

    Before the power goes out in a storm, call the electricians at Palmer Electric for an estimate for your home generator installation. Whether you need permanent standby power generation or a manual back-up generator system for your home, the electricians at Palmer Electric are experienced in the installation of your equipment.

    Call  us today at 407-646-8700 for information on home or commercial generator installation. We are the #1 generator installation company in Central Florida. Call us to learn about anything from our  annual service inspections for residential generators to our portable generator installation services and more.

    4 Steps to Install a Generator in Orlando or Central Florida

    Step 1: Choose a Location

    A home consultation with one of our technicians will help you pick a location for the generator. Your generator should be installed in a safe, dry area that is well-ventilated and away from any windows or doors to prevent exhaust fumes from entering the home. It should also be easily accessible for maintenance.

    Step 2: Installation

    Prepare your generator installation site with a sturdy concrete slab or pea gravel to ensure a stable and safe base.

    Step 3: Connecting Fuel and Electrical

    Your generator connects to both fuel and electrical systems to efficiently generate and distribute power during an outage Once the fuel line is connected and the transfer switch is installed next to the main breaker box, your generator will automatically sense power outages and switch over to provide uninterrupted power.
    Step 4: Outage Simulation

    After installing your generator, a technician conducts an outage simulation to ensure everything operates smoothly and reliably.



    Generac Authorized Dealer

    GENERAC authorized dealer, generator installation and maintenance Orlando


    Palmer Electric is your local authorized Generac supplier. Contact us to purchase your Generac generator and for installation, maintenance and repair services for Generac generators in Orlando and Central Florida.




    Don't Be Left Powerless. Prepare Now.

    You will need to estimate your power needs by reading the label on each appliance you want to power. Each label will tell you how many watts are needed to power that appliance. Add all the watts from each item you want to power. Once you had the total wattages, multiply that by 1.5. That will let you know what size you need. For more information, read our latest article “A Guide to Choosing a Generator For your Home

    A 10000 watt generator will power not only basic essentials, but also larger loads such as a central air conditioning unit. However, if you are wanting to power multiple appliances like coffee makers, toasters and more to addition to the essentials and larger loads, you may want a higher watt generator. A 20,000 watt generator will cover pretty much everything in your home.

    Portable generators are good if you just want to power the essentials such as your refrigerator. These are gas powered and are plugged into your appliances. Standby/Automatic power generators are a good option if you want to power everything in your home. These are powered by natural gas or propane and will automatically turn on. For a detailed comparison, read our latest article “A Guide to Choosing a Generator For your Home”.

    How long a generator last depends on a lot of things such as maintenance, fuel quality and usage. Diesel Generators can last up to 30,000 hours. Portable generators lifespan is usually around 3,000 hours.

    If the generator uses natural gas then it would only last till the line of gas ends. If the generator uses diesel or propane, it depends on the tank size. A fuel tank that is a gallon or two in size will last around eight to ten hours. A 500 gallon tank should be able to last about a week.

    The number one brand for generators is Generac. Generac produces all types of generators, as well as transfer switches. They provide 24/7 customer support to all customers and are committed to sustainability. Here at Palmer Electric, we install Generac generators. Call us today at 407-646-8700 for information on home or commercial generator installation.

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