Emergency Electrical Services

When you need an 24 hour emergency electrician or commercial emergency service turn to the name Central Florida has trusted for more than 65 years. Palmer Electric is state licensed and insured, our electricians are highly trained, badged, background checked and favailable today for your total personal comfort and peace of mind. Do you need same day electrical service for residential or commercial repairs? Call now 407-646-8700 or fill out the contact form below to find an electrician near you.

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    Emergency Electrical Services Orlando

    24/7/365 Emergency Electrical Repairs

    For all residential, commercial, institutional and industrial customers our company provides electricians 24/7/365 for any electrical emergency repairs. These needed emergency repairs could be breakers or GFCI receptacles tripping or not resetting, loss of power to equipment, lighting, switches or receptacles. Our company service trucks are stocked with most material needed for replacement of any of these items if they are defective.

    Contact Palmer Electric day or night for quick home or business emergency electrical repairs by professional qualified electricians.

    Power Restoration

    If you need power restoration from your home or business to utility power lines from storm damage or fire we are the company to call.

    Please view the remainder of our web site for a complete list of our services.

    Please contact us via email at info@palmer-electric.com or by phone for all your Orlando Emergency Residential Power Restoration needs.

    24-Hour Emergency Electrician Near Me

    Are you located in the Central Florida area and looking for a 24 hour emergency electrician? Palmer Electric provides emergency electrical repairs to Orlando, Sanford, Winter Park, Deltona, Deland, Orange City, Clermont & Leesburg. Our 24/7 emergency electricians are always prepared to help you with any repairs.

    Among the various situations that can cause power outages, the most common ones are: storms,earthquakes, animals, lighting, trees and branches falling and damaging electrical wiring, vehicles interfering with electrical wiring, as well as excavation digging and high power demand in the area.

    Electricity is switched off sometimes during thunderstorms to avoid danger of people getting shock. Also, if there are heavy winds, the live and neutral wires might touch and cause short circuit. In addition, sometimes, trees might fall on the lines and this may also cause disruption of power.

    If the power outage is only in your home, contact Palmer Electric. However, if the power goes out in your neighborhood, you should contact your local electrical company. For a list of Florida’s electrical company, visit the Public Service Commission’s page.

    Power outages may last from a few minutes to a few weeks depending on the nature of the blackout and the configuration of the electrical network.

    The most likely cause is a tripped breaker.However, we recommend contacting the licensed electricians at Palmer Electric to inspect your electrical panel.

    Check your electrical panel cautiously and call Palmer electric

    • Find the breaker panel in your home – it may be in your garage – and turn off every breaker, one by one.
    • Next, reset your main breaker. If your main breaker is not in your breaker panel, it will be outside near your electric meter. Do not touch the meter.
    • Open the panel beside the meter. Reset the main breaker by turning the switch off and on two times. Leave the switch in the on position.
    • Return to the breaker panel inside your home and turn each breaker back to the on position, one by one. In many cases, power should be restored.
    • If the steps described above did not restore the power in your home, contact Palmer Electric

    We recommend you take the following steps to prevent a power outage:

    • Keep your trees trimmed
    • Check and report wildlife to prevent equipment damage
    • Purchase a generator
    • Your local energy provider should provide regular inspection and maintenance of power lines

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