Fire Alarm Systems & Maintenance

When you need commercial fire alarm installation or monitoring, turn to the name Central Florida has trusted since 1951. Palmer Electric offers 24/7/365 commercial fire alarm & life safety protection.. Call our Fire Alarm Systems Specialist at 407-646-8700, or fill out the contact form below to contact the #1 Commercial fire alarm company in Orlando and the Central Florida area.

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    Fire Alarm Installation & Wireless Fire Alarm Monitoring

    Palmer Electric offers free quotes on fire alarm systems, installation, repair, monitoring, & maintenance since 1951. We have earned the privilege of being a #1 fire alarm company in Central Florida.

    • Palmer electric offers Fire alarm system installation, repairs and monitoring
    • Augments existing fire alarm system – replaces the two phone lines with a patented “mesh networked’ radio
    • It continually talks to Palmer Electrics’ primary & backup receivers to ensure good communications
    • Palmer Electric uses the leading supplier of wireless mesh alarm communications system with over 100,000 deployments world-wide
    • Monthly monitoring fee is much cheaper than phone lines – payback is less than 3 months
    • It’s a small device that mounts next to your existing Fire Alarm Panel
    • Uses 120v and has battery backup
    CriteriaWireless Fire AlarmTelephone
    Communication FeesNone2 Monthly Phone Line Fees & Taxes per alarm panel
    Monthly CostLow Monitoring Fee - Typical Payback in 3 monthsHigh - Phone Line Charges + Monitoring
    Speed of Alarm2 Seconds (send alarm)45 Seconds (dial, login send alarm)
    Connection Paths (Reliability)Up to 8 (mesh network) 1 per phone line
    Status Check (Reliability)Every few secondsTest Dialup every 24hrs

    Fire Alarm and Maintenance Florida

    Fire Alarm Systems

    Palmer Electric provides sales, installation, periodic maintenance, repairs, inspections and monitoring services for residential Fire Alarm Systems. Like Central Floridians have done since 1951, turn to the highly trained electricians at Palmer Electric for all the services needed to keep your Fire Alarm system operating at peak performance to keep your family safe.

    Call today for a comprehensive assessment and quote of your Fire Alarm System.

    View the remainder of this web site for a complete list of electrical services including fire alarm systems.

    Please contact us via email at or by phone for all your Fire Alarm Systems needs.

    Fire Alarm Maintenance & Inspection

    Palmer Electric provides 24/7/365 Fire Alarm service and maintenance using its highly trained staff of licensed electricians that are insured and background checked for your safety and comfort.

    Additionally, Palmer Electric offers new equipment sales and installation as well as the replacement of your existing equipment, and UL Listed Central Station Monitoring around the clock.

    Call today to learn about how Palmer Electric can provide Fire Alarm Systems sales, installation, maintenance, service and monitoring to your family. Please contact us via email at or by phone for all your Fire Alarm Maintenance needs.

    Commercial Fire Alarms and Protection

    Palmer Electric is the #1 Commercial Fire Alarm Company. We are here 24/7/365 providing commercial fire alarm installation and monitoring. Even more, we make sure you are fully covered by offering fire alarm & life safety protection services. Call now at 407-646-8700 to learn more about our fire alarm & life safety protection professionals and how they can help you.

    A fire alarm system combines different types of detection of smoke, heat, and fire with the purpose of saving lives in the case of a fire. The system alerts the system monitoring company, the proper authorities, and the occupants to take action as a fire is starting or if there is smoke that could become a fire.

    A fire alarm system provides much more protection than having individual smoke detectors. According to a Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) survey of households with occurrences of fires, homes with interconnected smoke detectors on every floor were 11-22% more likely to alert occupants in the case of a fire than in houses with individual smoke detectors. The system also alerts the authorities, which saves lives in the case that the occupant is unaware of the fire or unable to reach the phone. A fire alarm system is a requirement for many commercial buildings.

    Yes, federal and local law requires periodic fire alarm inspection and maintenance.

    Fire alarm systems must be tested annually by licensed technicians. Suppression systems must be tested every six months. In a large building, you may need monthly inspections scheduled in order to test a different zone every time. In order for your fire alarm system to remain effective and up to code, it is recommended to hire a fire system maintenance company such as Palmer Electric to perform required periodic maintenance and repairs upon inspection.

    According to National Fire Protection Association Standards, smoke detectors should be placed on every level of the home, in every bedroom, and outside each sleeping area. Other important areas to install smoke detectors are: no more than 10 feet from cooking appliances, in the living room, and by the basement ceiling near the stairs. The smoke detector should be placed near the ceiling with no more than 12 inches from the top of the smoke alarm to the ceiling.

    Smoke detectors should be tested at least once a month using the test button. Smoke detectors with replaceable batteries should be replaced at least once per year. Follow the manufacturer instructions for testing and maintaining the smoke detector.

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    I had a great experience with Palmer Electric. The technician they sent out was very honest and gave me a fair price on what I needed. I had to call them another time to change out my panel and they were very professional, quick, and I was happy with the price. I would recommend using them.

    They are very professional.

    Bob has worked in my home a couple of times placing a chandelier, changing a dimmer and adding elecricity to two boxes.
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