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Wireless Fire Alarm Monitoring

  • Augments existing fire alarm system – replaces the two phone lines with a patented “mesh networked’ radio
  • It continually talks to Palmer Electrics’ primary & backup receivers to ensure good communications
  • Palmer Electric uses the leading supplier of wireless mesh alarm communications system with over 100,000 deployments world-wide
  • Monthly monitoring fee is much cheaper than phone lines – payback is less than 3 months
  • It’s a small device that mounts next to your existing Fire Alarm Panel
  • Uses 120v and has battery backup
CriteriaWireless Fire AlarmTelephone
Communication FeesNone2 Monthly Phone Line Fees & Taxes per alarm panel
Monthly CostLow Monitoring Fee - Typical Payback in 3 monthsHigh - Phone Line Charges + Monitoring
Speed of Alarm2 Seconds (send alarm)45 Seconds (dial, login send alarm)
Connection Paths (Reliability)Up to 8 (mesh network) 1 per phone line
Status Check (Reliability)Every few secondsTest Dialup every 24hrs

Fire Alarm Maintenance

Palmer Electric provides 24/7/365 Fire Alarm service and maintenance using its highly trained staff of licensed electricians that are insured and background checked for your safety and comfort.

Additionally, Palmer Electric offers new equipment sales and installation as well as the replacement of your existing equipment, and UL Listed Central Station Monitoring round the clock.

Call today to learn about how Palmer Electric can provide Fire Alarm Systems sales, installation, maintenance, service and monitoring to your family. Please contact us via email at or by phone for all your Fire Alarm Maintenance needs.

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Fire Alarm and Maintenance Florida

Fire Alarm Systems

Palmer Electric provides sales, installation, periodic maintenance, repairs, inspections and monitoring services for residential Fire Alarm Systems. Like Central Floridians have done since 1951, turn to the highly trained electricians at Palmer Electric for all the services needed to keep your Fire Alarm system operating at peak performance to keep your family safe.

Call today for a comprehensive assessment and quote of your Fire Alarm System.

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Please contact us via email at or by phone for all your Fire Alarm Systems needs.