What Is a Monitored Fire Alarm System?

What Is Monitored Fire Alarm System

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Many businesses are required to have a monitored fire alarm system according to NFPA and IBC fire codes. If your business is required to have fire alarm monitoring, you will need to select a fire alarm monitoring provider. In addition to meeting legal requirements, having a monitored fire alarm system also protects your business by ensuring the fastest response time in case of a fire.

Monitored Fire Alarm Systems

A monitored fire alarm system includes a control panel that detects fire and transmits signals to a UL listed monitoring station. The station notifies the fire department when they receive the signal. Signals can be transmitted by phone line, cellular communication, radio communication or internet.

National fire code requires most commercial buildings to have a monitored fire alarm system. Without fire alarm monitoring, the fire alarm system would only be activated within the building, but would not notify the fire department. Even when the alarm bells, voice notifications, and sprinkler or fire suppression system are activated, the fire authorities might not be notified unless you have fire alarm monitoring.

Because many people expect that a fire alarm system will automatically notify the fire department in a commercial building, most occupants will assume this it is not necessary to call 911 in case of a fire. If you do not have a monitored fire alarm system, it is imperative that someone within the building be responsible for making the call to 911 at all times. In case of a fire, a matter of minutes can save lives and protect the property. This is why national fire code requires commercial fire alarm monitoring in most cases.

UL Listed Central Station Fire Alarm Monitoring

Central Supervisory Stations are fire alarm monitoring stations that are UL listed. UL is the global safety certification company responsible for certifying fire alarm monitoring stations in the US. With this type of fire alarm monitoring, when your fire alarm system is activated by a fire, the central monitoring station receives a relay signal at the same time and notifies fire authorities. The central monitoring station monitors the fire alarm system 24/7 to ensure you are protected year round.

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

Palmer Electric is your local provider of UL Listed Central Station Fire Alarm Monitoring. We also provide commercial fire alarm system installation, inspection, testing and maintenance. Palmer Electric has been keeping Central Florida businesses safe for over 70 years and continues to innovate, utilizing the most effective fire safety technology in the industry. Contact us today for a free quote on fire alarm monitoring for your organization at 407-646-8700.

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