Fire Alarm Systems: a Case Study on School Safety

Commercial Fire Protection

It is no secret that the safety of students, teachers and staff members should always be a priority when designing school buildings and planning for the security complexities these spaces require. Honeywell, one of Palmer’s main providers for fire alarm systems, has been a leading brand in this area. If you don’t believe us, keep reading for a case study of how Honeywell’s Farenhyt Series IFP-2000 provided one school with the system to address their needs.

The School

Chiawana High School located in Washington added a 324,370 square-foot building to its spaces,thus splitting the school into two wings. Being the largest school in the state, it was challenging to find a fire alarm system that was scalable and that could be installed without disruption.

The Solution: The IFP-2000

A local contractor determined that the IFP-2000 checked all the boxes:

  • It is an scalable system with little distance limitations.
  • It doesn’t require special wires, so it works well with existing systems and devices.
  • Its’ fire alarm stations have covers that sounds a local alarms, which prevents tampering by students.
  • It has a very simple, unobtrusive design, which is highly beneficial when it comes to maintaining the aesthetic of new buildings.
  • It included easy-to-install turnkey features.

The Result

The chosen commercial fire alarm system proved to be the perfect fit for Chiawana High School. These was not only due to the reasons mentioned above, but because of how easy it is to use and maintain the IFP-2000.

Commercial Fire Alarm Installation in Orlando, Florida

Contact the Orlando Electrical company with years of experience providing and maintaining fire alarm systems. We offer commercial fire alarm installation and monitoring to the Central Florida area, visit our contact page or call us for a free quote to rely on the professionals.

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