Honeywell Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

Orlando Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

Commercial fire alarm system

Palmer Electric is a leading distributor for Honeywell commercial fire alarm systems for housing and hospitality. A Honeywell commercial fire alarm system is a complete end to end fire solution that you can trust. These products have excellent survivability evident by continual system operation even when an area is damaged. Also, these products can be used in any architecture setting and are easy to use. The best part of it all is that these fire systems are 100% manufactured in the USA.

Listen to the facts! Not only is Honeywell a market leader holding nearly 33% of the fire detection market, but they also rank #1 for Brand Awareness. Honeywell has over 50 years of experience training fire alarm system installers. They also have over 38,000 patents for their innovative products and 150 research and engineering facilities.

Commercial fire alarm installation

Palmer Electric has been the #1 fire alarm company in Central Florida since 1951. We provide 24/7 commercial fire alarm system monitoring and installation. Visit our contact page or call us for a free quote to rely on the professionals.

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