3 Steps To Hire A Licensed Electrician In Orlando Florida

licensed electrician in orlando florida

Why is it important to hire a licensed electrician?

Handling electricity and letting strangers into your home is delicate business. This is why it’s a good idea to verify that the electrician which is coming into your home is trained and licensed to work in your area. It’s also important to hire someone who is up-to-date with code requirements and local laws.

How do I verify my electrician is licensed?

Luckily, there are licensing organizations that provide this information. For example, The Department of Business & Professional Regulation has an Electrical Contractors Licensing Board that “licenses and regulates electrical and alarm contractors to perform electrical and alarm services in the state”. Even still, there are simple steps you can take to maximize electrical safety in your Orlando home:

Step 1: Check that the license matches the electrician’s name or if the license is for a contractor, verify the person is actually employed by the licensed company by contacting them.

Step 2: Ask for your electrician’s license and use the number or name to verify if an electrician is licensed to work in your community. You can contact Florida’s Department of Business & Professional Regulation Electrical Contractors Licensing Board to do so.

Step 3: Request proof of liability insurance works as well. Contact the insurance company and ask for verification.

Licensed Electricians In Orlando, Florida

Are you looking for a licensed electrician in Orlando? Licensed, Bonded and Insured, Palmer Electric offers the electrical experience to complete your project large or small. Contact us now to get a free quote. We are the electrical company that has provided licensed electricians in Orlando and the Central Florida area since 1951.

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