Electric Bill Assistance During COVID-19 for Central Florida

Emergency Electrician 24 Hr

Emergency Electrician 24 Hr

Most families in Central Florida are feeling the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thankfully, there is some relief from monthly utility costs available. The utilities companies providing power to Central Florida are cutting energy costs for customers in various ways during the month of May and offering further assistance to individuals who qualify.

Here is what you can expect on your May utilities bill, depending on which provider you have. We have also included information about how to claim assistance if you think you might qualify. Keep in mind that if you are now spending more time at home, your bill may have gone up due to increased energy use. However, you can look for the credit on your bill to see the portion that was discounted.

OUC COVID-19 Relief

The Orlando Utilities Commission is offering the following measures for their COVID-19 Response.

  • OUC offsetting the fuel charge portion of customer bills by about 39% in May. That equates to about an 11.4% overall savings, or $12.50, for the average residential customer using 1,000 kWh per month; 11.2%, or $18.75, for small commercial customers using a 1,500 kWh non-demand rate per month.
  • Electric and water disconnections for nonpayment are suspended and late payment fees are waived until further notice.
  • Payment plans and deferred payment arrangements are available for customers for up to 12 months depending on qualifying criteria.
  • OUC is contributing $2.6 million to Project CARE, an OUC utility bill assistance fund supported by OUC, its employees and customers. The fund is administered through the Heart of Florida United Way’s 211 program See below for steps to make an application for assistance.
  • They are also setting aside $1.5 million for utility bill payment assistance to qualified small businesses and are expected to announce the application process in May.

You can read about OUC’s full response to COVID-19 here.

Duke Energy Coronavirus Response

These are the Duke Energy utilities credits and measures for COVID-19.

  • Duke Energy is delivering a fuel savings credit to customers during the month of May, rather than spreading them over the year.
  • A typical residential customer should see a decrease of nearly 21% on May’s bill. Commercial and industrial customers will see significant savings ranging from approximately 20% to 45%.
  • Duke Energy also suspended disconnections for non-payment starting March 21 and are waiving late fees and credit and debit card payment fees until further notice.
  • They are recommending that customers apply for the LIHEAP utilities assistance program through the state of Florida if you qualify or other assistance programs.

You can click here to read about Duke Energy’s energy bill cuts due to coronavirus.

FPL COVID-19 Credit

Florida Power & Light is offering the following measures to residential and business customers.

  • FPL is also delivering their annual fuel credit in one payment during May, which should lower customer bills by about 25%.
  • Here is an example of where to find the fuel credit on a paper FPL statement.

Electric bill sample

  • FPL is suspending disconnections and allowing customers to set up payment plans through May 31.
  • Residential and business customers can request a payment extension here.

You can read about Florida Power & Light’s full response to COVID-19 here.

Florida Municipal Power Agency Members

Florida Municipal Power Agency is an association of city-wide utilities providers. 21 of their members across Florida are providing some relief to customers due to coronavirus.

These are the Central Florida members of FMPA that are cutting costs to customers, in addition to Orlando Utilities Commission. Click on any of the cities below to read about the measures they are taking to reduce utilities bills and to provide financial assistance.

Energy Bill Assistance Through Heart of Florida United Way

United Way is providing multiple forms of relief to families experiencing hardship due to COVID-19. In order to submit an application for assistance paying your utilities bill, choose any of the following options:

  • Call United Way by dialing 2-1-1
  • Text your zip code to 898-211
  • Chat with a 2-1-1 representative by going to HFUW.org/Chat
  • Start the process online by going to HFUW.org/GetHelp

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