Five Electrical Upgrades Your Home Needs

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When it’s time to renovate your house, consider electrical upgrades. While this is an area homeowners tend to forget when renovating their home, electrical components in every room in the house can be upgraded. Not only can electrical upgrades blow away your guests and enhance the appearance of your home, but they also enhance safety. Here are five electrical upgrades you want to consider!

1. Light Switches

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Lighting is everything in a home, after all, it helps create the mood in a space. While light is important, the light switches that control them are just as important. Consider upgrading your light switches to modern light switches by contacting an electrical contractor. Modern switches come with a variety of features. Dimmer switches are a popular choice. They allow the homeowner to be in control of how much light in an area. Many dimmer switches come with wireless options and connect directly to your phone. With this option, there will no longer be harsh lighting in your home!

2. Outlets

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We use outlets every day in our homes, so consider upgrading them. Extension cords are outdated, add additional outlets to areas where you have noticed a need for them. Or do you have outlets that don’t work? Contact a local electrician to ensure all outlets are functioning. Pop up electrical outlets are not only trendy but also convenient. They can be installed in areas such as your kitchen counter. When they are not in use, you simply just push them down. You may also want to consider adding outlets to your outdoors to ease the use of lawn equipment, grills and holiday decorations.

3. USB Data Ports

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USB data ports contain USB wring that allow your family and friends to charge their phone, tablets and more with ease. With this upgrade, you will no longer need USB adapters. Simply, charge your electronics directly from the outlet. These can be installed near tables, in drawers and more.

4. Distributed Audio System

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This is an upgrade sure to make your home the top choice for social events. By having a distributed audio, speakers can be wired throughout your home or a room. The speakers are completely hidden. This will allow the homeowner to play music throughout the home. Or maybe you want to resemble movie theater sound in the living room? Hear the audio of the film from all areas of the room. Audio systems can be controlled from your fingertips by using your cellphone. Sometimes these systems also come with intercoms, allowing you to communicate with your family across your home.

5. Outdoor Lighting

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Outdoor lighting does not only keep your home safe, but they allow you to use outdoor spaces for socializing. Consider adding a floodlight, automatic lighting or spotlights. Floodlights are a solution to fully light up a large outdoor space. Automatic lighting use motion sensors so that when motion is sensed, the light is turned on. Spotlights can highlight garden features and add depth to flat surfaces. Speak to an electrical contractor for options to light up your backyard.

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