Commercial Electrician FAQ’s

Commercial Electrician FAQ’s

What is a commercial electrician?

Commercial electricians provide electrical wiring installation, electrical maintenance, repairs, emergency services, and electrical upgrades to commercial properties. Some of the most common settings a commercial electrician works in include retail centers, office buildings, government buildings, schools, and hospitals.

What's the difference between an industrial electrician and a commercial electrician?

An industrial electrician works in a factory or manufacturing setting on the power supply and electrical components of manufacturing equipment. Meanwhile, a commercial electrician provides electrical installation, maintenance and repair for commercial buildings such as offices and retail centers.

Do commercial electricians make more than residential?

Residential and commercial electricians usually earn comparable salaries and benefits based on skill, experience, and years in the profession.

How long does it take to become an industrial electrician?

It takes four years of apprenticeship and on the job experience to become an industrial electrician. It may take you a little longer than four years to complete the on the job hours requirement in your state, which is generally between 8,000 and 10,000 hours. Most apprenticeship programs include 2,000 hours per year of on the job experience.