Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring

Commercial Fire Alarm Monitoring

What is fire alarm monitoring?

Fire alarm monitoring is a service in which a 24/7 fire protection company tracks alarms triggered by your fire alarm system, verifies the emergency and notifies first responders. Commercial fire alarm monitoring is critical for safety in the case of a fire, and for saving money on costly false alarms.

How do commercial fire alarm systems work?

Commercial fire alarm systems include smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and temperature change sensors to sound an alarm and alert a monitoring service at the earliest stage of a fire. The alarm system interfaces with sprinklers and other suppression elements to put out the fire. At Palmer Electric, we use Honeywell Commercial Fire Alarm Systems,  one of the most trusted names in the industry.

Are two phone lines required for a fire alarm system?

Two phone lines are no longer required for fire alarm systems. As technology has advanced and landline phones have become less prevalent, technology has advanced to provide more effective wireless communication technology for fire alarm systems.

Are wireless fire alarms any good?

The patented “mesh networked” radio system that we use is both more reliable and more cost effective than landline monitoring systems. For example, because of its increased accuracy, our wireless monitoring services pays for itself in three months on average. The system allows up to 8 connection paths and send the alarm signal in 2 seconds as opposed to the 45 seconds required to send a dialup alarm. It also runs system checks every few seconds instead of once every 24 hours as is true of landline systems.

How do wireless fire alarm systems work?

A wireless communication system replaces the two phone line communication for fire alarm systems. The wireless mesh networked can be added to an existing fire alarm system, or included with a new fire alarm system installation. Honeywell’s mesh networked system fills dead zones left by traditional communication systems to ensure that your entire building is protected and that first responders are notified in a matter of seconds rather than minutes in the case of a fire.

How much does a commercial fire alarm system cost?

Installation of a commercial fire alarm system for new construction is typically $1.50 – $3.00 per square foot. More complex systems such as Voice Evac and Retrofit systems can cost around $4-$6 per square foot. Monthly cost for a commercial fire alarm monitoring service is generally between $44 and $70 per month. Palmer Electric offers competitive pricing on both installation and monitoring services for commercial fire alarm systems.