Wireless Security Camera FAQ’s

Wireless Security Camera FAQ’s

Is there a security camera that works without Wifi?

Yes, many NVR security cameras transmit video footage using a wired connection. Additionally, some NVR security cameras come with their own IP network that do not require an existing internet connection. However the footage is only viewable locally and cannot be transmitted for remote viewing without an internet router. Most security camera users need to be able to view the video footage in real time while they are away from their home or business, so in th

Do you need Wifi for home security cameras?

You only need Wifi for home security cameras if you select a wireless security camera and need remote viewing capability. However, many “wired” security camera systems do not require Wifi to capture and transmit security video footage.

Do you have to have Wifi for wireless security cameras?

Yes you will need to connect your wireless camera to a Wifi router in order to view footage remotely.

Which Wifi camera is best?

At Palmer Electric we use Northern wireless & IP cameras. We find them to be the highest quality, most reliable security cameras in the industry.