What are the most energy-efficient Christmas lights?

Many people are particularly passionate about their Christmas decorating. Christmas lights are one of the loveliest aspects of the season. One widespread misconception is that putting up Christmas lights wastes a lot of electricity and can result in a hefty electric bill. This is true if you have classic incandescent lights, which waste 90% of the energy as heat when turned on.

Christmas lights are now nearly free to use throughout the holidays if you use LED bulbs. LEDs are substantially more energy-efficient than other types of bulbs and are the most widely used type of lighting source today. They will cost more than incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, but they will last for more than ten years under typical domestic use – roughly 100,000 hours – and will produce diverse and more vivid colors for your Christmas decorations. 

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LED Christmas lights are a more cost-effective alternative for holiday decor, they use 75% to 90% less energy than incandescent bulbs. Incandescent bulbs become hot to the touch and may burn your pets or children, or worse, spark a fire. It’s time to get rid of your outdated incandescent Christmas lights and acquire LED lights as a safer alternative.

LED light fixtures consume less electricity, therefore allowing more of them to be connected together with less risk of possibly overloading the circuit. LED light bulbs have become significantly less expensive, and prices are likely to fall even more. When you consider the energy savings, minimal maintenance, and longevity of LED bulbs, they’re a great eco-friendly investment and you’ll save money year after year. When choosing a lighting installation contractor, search for skilled personnel that will use the best light bulbs for Christmas lighting and provide exceptional service.

Does leaving LED lights on increase my electric bill?

Leaving LED lights on increases your power bills, so please consider if it’s truly required. Besides switching to LED bulbs, you can add timers to control your holiday lights’ energy consumption. Typically, your Christmas lights will be on for six hours per night on average. Timers will allow you to go to bed without having to run around your house turning off every single light fixture. To add length to your installation, use extension cords instead of light strings.

How much money do you save by using LED Christmas lights?

LED lights are an inexpensive option to reduce your decors’ energy consumption, and they can save you enough energy to make a difference in your electric bill. Expect to pay 10% of what you used to pay using your old incandescent Christmas lights. The more LED Christmas lights you utilize, the more money you could save in the long term. The key is that LED Christmas lights are superior to traditional holiday light bulbs.

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