What is a Nurse Call System?

Nurse Call SystemA nurse call system facilitates communication between healthcare providers and patients. Nursing homes, hospitals, clinics, doctor offices, senior care, and rehab facilities are examples of locations that use nursing call systems. Some states have laws that require medical centers and senior citizen facilities to have a call button within reach of patients at all times.

Components of Nurse Call Systems

There are many different components available when it comes to nurse call systems.

Real-time Location System

Nurse call systems may have a real-time location system (RTLS). This means that wireless receivers are located throughout the facility. Residents can have their own pendants that tell staff where they are should they call for assistance.

Pillow Speakers

Pillow speakers, also known as the call light is the component that the client uses to call the nurse. This may also be integrated with the tv remote and light switch.

Wall Station

The wall station consists of the microphone and speaker. For clients with limited verbal communication, nursing systems can offer a breathing tube installed in a wall station. When the patient inhales or exhales in the tube, the nurse will get called. IV pumps and other medical equipment can also be integrated with the call system to alert staff of any concerns.

Desk Console

The desk console looks like a telephone and is what the nurse uses to answer calls from the patient.

Code Blue Button

Code blue button is used when a patient needs immediate help. When the code blue button is pressed alert will go off.

Other Additional Features

Bed exit alarms are also available to inform staff if the client is leaving their bed. Also, many nurse call systems allow the option to create customizable call buttons. This can be helpful to know who to forward the call to whether it is to the dietary team or an emergency. Nowadays many nurse call systems include apps that work off of smartphones and tablets.

Importance of Nurse Call Systems

Nurse call systems are a good tool for data recording. There is legislation that mandates required response time by medical staff. Therefore, administration staff can use these systems to see how long it took staff to respond to an incident. A nurse call system that is efficient is necessary to ensure quality care for your patients. Not only do they improve responsiveness and level of care, but they also improve client satisfaction. Therefore, they give patients and patient families peace of mind should the client be faced with a situation they need assistance with.

Nurse Call System Installers

Palmer Electric is committed to providing the best Nurse Call Systems to meet your needs by having a partnership with TekTone. We offer a wide selection of Emergency Call/Nurse Call communication solutions for hospitals, clinics, senior living complexes (CRCC, Skilled, and ALF, Memory Care), surgical centers, and private residences. In addition, we can upgrade your old system or replace it with an entirely new system. We also include helping assist with any future technological enhancements. Palmer Electric also provides service for existing legacy nurse call systems manufactured by TektTone, Aiphone, or Cornell. Contact us today or call us at 407.646.8700 for a free quote.

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