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Outdoor Security Lighting

Security lighting around your home is crucial in the prevention of criminal activity. Lighting is usually installed high up so that it illuminates areas of concern. Good security lighting will give off enough illumination that it will ward off criminals. In comparison, poorly lit homes are preferred by burglars since they are less likely to get caught. In addition, exterior security lighting can complement your home and landscaping. There are many kinds of outdoor security lighting options. Below we describe the four main kinds of outdoor security lighting.

Four Types of Outdoor Security Lighting

Continuous Lighting: Continuous lighting consists of a series of lights that remain on. Multiple lights are used so that in case one fails, there is an overlap covered by the neighboring lights. This lighting option is often used in correctional facilities because it lights up the area around the facility, making it difficult for any behavior to go undetected.

Stand-By Lighting: Stand-by lighting can be turned on automatically or manually. This kind of lighting turns on when there is any movement detected by the security system. This light can catch a burglar off guard as it turns on suddenly and unexpectedly. Stand-by lighting is not continuously lighting up the area. However, this outdoor security lighting can complement continuous systems. For example, when a continuous system is down or needs more lighting, a standy by system is a good option.

Movable/Portable Lighting: This option provides temporary lighting whenever and wherever it’s needed. It may also complement continuous or stand-by lighting. Moveable lighting is controlled manually. This kind of lighting is often used at construction sites.

Emergency Lighting: The last kind of lighting is emergency lighting which is used when any of the previous kinds of lights are defective. It is powered by batteries or a generator, which allows for use in the case of a power outage. Nowadays, most commercial buildings are obligated to have emergency lighting in case of an emergency. This allows people to evacuate with enough light to see where to go.

What should I look for in an outdoor security light?

There are many things to consider when choosing an outdoor security light. Depending on your needs, you want to ensure that the lights will illuminate the area of concern. Additionally, outdoor security lights may encounter a variety of weather conditions, so be sure that it is waterproof or weather resistant. If the light is covered by a roof, like a patio light, weatherproof options may not be required. However, it will prolong the life of the light. Consider if you want the light on all the time or only when it is dark. Each light will come with different control features to consider. Examples of light control features are: dusk-to-dawn lights (turn off with sunlight) and switch control lights (turn on with a flick of a switch). Below are some of your options when it comes to outdoor security lights:

Floodlights: This option is a common choice due to the vast area of coverage. They are usually placed high – above entryways or above a patio. If installed facing any windows, this light may interfere with sleep patterns. However, some floodlights have a dimming option. Flood lights come in many variations; LED floodlights are an energy efficient option. Halogen exterior flood lights that are manually turned on are not environmentally friendly due to the amount of energy used. A more environmentally friendly option would be solar flood lights which use sunlight to collect energy and power on.

Time-Security Lights: This option uses a timer feature to turn on the lights when it is dark outside. The timer is set by the user and can be modified as needed.

Exterior Soffit Lights: These kinds of lights are often set up on an overhang, such as an entryway.

High-Intensity Discharge Security Lights: If you are looking to illuminate a vast area of land, this option may be best. This option is usually used in stadiums and retail buildings, but can be useful in homes with lots of surrounding land. The light produced is very strong.

Motion-Activated Lights: This is an energy efficient option since the lights only turn on when motion is detected. They are designed to only turn on when it is dark outside. Therefore, this option can save you money on your energy bill.

Outdoor Lighting Installation Near Me

Contacting an Orlando Electric company can help you find an outdoor security lighting solution to help deter criminals from approaching your home. We offer outdoor lighting, transformers & LED landscape lighting installation. Trust Palmer Electric to handle all your outdoor lighting needs in a timely manner. Visit our contact page or call us for a free quote to rely on the professionals.

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