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Home Security Monitoring is a service that connects your home security alarm system to a 24/7 monitoring center provided in-house by your alarm system manufacturer or by a service provider such as Palmer Electric. In this article, we explain what home security monitoring is and isn’t, and how it works to keep you safe.

What is Home Security Monitoring?

If you already have a professionally installed or DIY home security system at your house, it’s time to contract a home security monitoring service to respond to alerts. With a home security monitoring service, expert technicians who are trained to respond to emergencies are alerted when any of a number of alarms go off at your house.

It’s important to know that the monitoring system does not display footage from your indoor or outdoor security cameras. In some cases, you can select for some cameras to stream to the monitoring center, but otherwise your security footage only goes to your phone or computer. Rather than showing footage, the security system alerts the monitoring service when certain alarms are triggered by your home security system sensors. These alarms could be high decibel alarms that you and neighbors can hear, or silent alarms, depending on your security system settings.

How It Works

Whether your alarm is triggered by a real emergency or a false alarm, it helps to understand how your home security monitoring service will respond. This allows you to be more prepared and calmer in case of an emergency in your home.

Every home security system is made up of a network of sensors connected to a control panel in your home. The sensors could include one triggered via a motion detector, smoke detector, window or door sensor, tamper sensor on the telephone box, or other sensors, depending on what you have chosen for your home security system.

When a sensor is triggered, an alert is automatically sent to your security monitoring company’s central station usually via a telephone landline or cellular service. Here is how the process works step by step.

Step One: Alarm is Triggered
An alarm is triggered by one of the sensors on your home security system. If you have programmed a high decibel alarm, you will hear the alarm go off if you’re home.

Step Two: Central Station Alerted
The technicians monitoring your home security system are alerted. They immediately contact you to verify the emergency.

Step Three: Verification of Emergency
In the case of a false alarm, the technician will cancel the alarm and notify emergency personnel of the false alarm.

Step Four: Emergency Responders Contacted
If you are not home or are unable to respond to the technician’s phone call, the technician assumes that it is a real emergency and contacts the appropriate emergency responders.

Step Five: Emergency Personnel Arrive
Emergency personnel arrive at your home to help you in the event of a home invasion, fire, or other emergency.

What Is The Best Monitored Home Security System?

The best monitored home security system is the one that works the best. Before selecting a company to monitor your home security system, be sure to ask the following questions:

  • Is your monitoring central station 24/7?
  • How are your technicians trained?

It is important to know that technicians have been trained to understand the components and sensors connected to your home security system on an expert level, and that the central station is equipped to respond to emergencies 24/7.

What is a DIY Home Security System?

A DIY home security system can refer to a mail-order home security system that you install yourself and hire a service to monitor. It can also refer to a security system that you install yourself or have professionally installed, but that you monitor yourself, usually via an app on your cell phone.

Will Home Alarm Work Without Monitoring?

There are still benefits to a home security system that you monitor yourself. For example, a high decibel alarm can scare away an intruder even before the police are called. However, the greatest benefit from a home security system comes with an outside monitoring service. In the case of a real emergency, such as a fire, home invasion, or medical emergency, you may be unable to call for help. This is where a home monitoring service comes in. It is the component of your security system that ensures that it works how it’s supposed to–to protect you and provide emergency assistance when it matters most.

Security System Monitoring

If you have a security system installed, now it’s time to choose a trusted company to monitor your system 24/7. Contract the experts at Palmer Electric to monitor your security system around the clock–while you sleep, work, and travel. Unlike other large security system monitoring services, we are located here in Central Florida and have been keeping local businesses and homes safe since 1951. Our expert technicians care about the safety of your home as though it’s their own.

If you are interested in home security monitoring but have not yet installed a security system, Palmer Electric can install a security system to meet your needs. Learn more about our security system installation services here. If you are looking for the best home security system company to protect your loved ones, contact us today or call us at 407.646.8700 for a free quote.

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