How to Choose the Best Security System for Your Orlando Business

How To Choose The Best Security System For Your Orlando Business


Selecting the ideal security system to protect your Orlando company requires evaluating your specific needs and priorities. When installed and monitored properly, business security equipment deters theft, vandalism, and liability risks. This ensures the safety of employees while securing company assets and customer data.

 Pinpoint Your Security Priorities

 Carefully evaluating vulnerabilities, assets, hazards, and responsibilities provides clarity on protection goals. Consider details like:

  •  Facility Design – Outline total property acreage, building sizes, utility access points, surrounding terrain barriers etc. What areas need access controls, surveillance or lighting enhancements?
  •  Crime History & Neighborhood – Have other nearby businesses faced break-ins recently? Is exterior signage attracting unwanted attention? Gather intelligence to customize precautions.
  •  Operational Flows – Where could unauthorized access or tampering cripple daily functions? Do shipping and receiving procedures need bolstering?
  •  Regulated Sectors – Healthcare, financial, and infrastructure industries face strict security protocols. Ensure full compliance.
  •  Emergency Preparedness – From fires to storms, prepare contingency and evacuation protocols, marking key exits clearly. Integrate mass notification capacities. 
  •  Budget Realities – Detail available capital and financing options. Continue weighing expenditures against reduced risk long-term. Moving funds from insurance policies to advanced systems can maximize ROI.

 Compare Key Security System Components

 Integrating layers of protection starts with researching major equipment categories:

  •  HD Surveillance Cameras – Strategically placed high resolution indoor/outdoor IP cameras should capture images across all critical property areas and access points, recording continuously. Optimal camera counts depend on acreage and building sizes.
  •  Motion-triggered recording, night vision and real-time cloud storage take monitoring to the next level. Properly positioned units also enhance workplace safety, ensuring protocol compliance.
  •  Intrusion Alarm Systems – Monitored sensors should blanket exterior entryways and vulnerable interior access points, triggering loud audible alarms and alert messages during unauthorized entry. Systems can range from basic to advanced depending on detection needs.
  •  Keypad/Biometric Access Controls – Managing employee or visitor credentials via fingerprint, retinal scans or pin codes protects sensitive business zones.
  •  Intercom Functionality – Hardwired or wireless two-way intercom stations enable convenient communication at facility access points for screening guests, workers and deliveries or to request assistance if distressed. 
  •  Fire Protection / Detection – Advanced sensors trigger smoke, heat and carbon monoxide alerts, integration with safety suppression systems.
  •  Mass Notification Capacities – Automated alerts through displays, speakers and personal devices accelerate emergency response, preventing chaos.
  •  Assess Providers Critically
  •  The most robust Orlando business security blueprints leverage both tailored equipment and experienced partners supporting you long-term. Assess potential providers across:
  •  Industry Longevity and Reputation – How long has the company served your region? Do other businesses praise their customer service track record? Check reviews and testimonials. 
  •  Included Support and Monitoring – What maintenance, upgrade and remote monitoring services are provided? Are technicians available 24/7? Does staff hold key industry certifications?
  •  Customized Offerings – Can equipment bundles and monitoring plans suit both current and future operational needs? 
  •  Ongoing Partnership Mindset – Will they continuously optimize protections as risks evolve? Or do they operate with a transactional sales mentality? Finding the right fit ensures lasting safety.


When securing your Orlando business, experience matters. With 30+ years in customizing security systems locally, Palmer Electric integrates the latest advances backed by personalized customer support. Our dedication extends to delivering value, innovation, and safety to every client. To schedule a free on-site analysis detailing robust equipment options for your company, please contact us online or call 407-646-8700 today.

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