Do Surge Protectors Work? 3 Reasons To Get One Today

Do Surge Protectors Work

Surge Protection Services

There are many scenarios in which a power surge could happen. If the wiring in your house is not reliable 100% of the time and it flickers, power spikes could take place and expensive devices could be damaged. On the other hand, if you live in a place when lighting and storms are common(hello Floridians!), power spikes are even more common. So, what should you do? Is a surge protector right for you? Do surge protectors even work?. The answer is yes. Surge protectors limit the voltage supplied to electric devices; thus, preventing them from getting more electricity than needed, which could damage or destroy such devices. If you are still not convinced, keep reading to learn 3 reasons to get a surge protector today.

Surge Protectors Work Against Lighting

As we have previously mentioned, surge protectors are especially useful when there are higher chances of lighting. During hurricane seasons or heavy storms, power spikes are more common to occur, and surge protectors can divert the extra electricity coming from the lighting.

They Save Expensive Devices

Nowadays, most electronic devices come with sensitive microprocessors, which can be easily damaged by power spikes. Computers, fridges, microwaves and many other appliances all have microprocessors and are especially sensitive. Hence, these are usually the kind of devices you plug in first to your surge protectors

Surge Protectors Improve Organization

Although this is not a safety reason, it is beneficial to acknowledge how Surge protectors can reduce cable clutter in your home or office since you could have all of your cables in one destination.This could save time and energy when it comes to handling the cables for your devices

At Palmer electric we offer the highest quality of surge protectors to keep your home and your appliances save. Visit our Surge and Lighting Protection page to learn about our Syscom’s “T” series Surge Protectors

Surge and Lighting Protection in Orlando, Florida

Contacting an Orlando Electric company can save you time and money this hurricane season. Keep your devices safe by reaching out to Palmer Electric’s licensed electricians. We provide surge and lighting protection services to the Central Florida area, visit our contact page or call us for a free quote to rely on the professionals.

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