Energy Saving FAQ’s

Energy Saving FAQ’s

How can a new home be more energy efficient?

New homes are built specifically for energy efficiency, with better windows, energy efficient appliances and AC units, and a better layout for AC ducts and airflow. Many older homes were built before the use of AC was widespread, are not design for best airflow or insulation. In subsequent years, technology has improved with every decade to increase energy efficiency. You can make your home even more energy efficient by sealing any gaps and cracks that lead to the outside and installing Energy Star appliances & lighting.

How do I lower my electric bill?

Monitor your electric bill to find out which days of the week have the highest usage, which will give you clues as to what appliances are using the most energy. For example, if Saturday is laundry day and it shows a huge usage spike every month, consider upgrading your washer and dryer to an energy efficient version. Check out the tips in this article as well our previous articles on to save more money on your electric bill.

How can I use less energy?

The number one use of energy in our homes is our heating and cooling. Consider adjusting your thermostat by a few degrees in both the summer and winter and monitor the changes to your electric bill. Additionally, see our tips above for reducing energy use related to Energy Star® appliances, filling gaps around electrical outlets and doors, and upgrading to energy-efficient LED lighting.