What are the most energy-efficient Christmas lights?

Many people are particularly passionate about their Christmas decorating. Christmas lights are one of the loveliest aspects of the season. One wid... Read More »

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Types of Light Bulbs for Outdoor Lighting

When remodeling or upgrading your house, outdoor lighting might be an overseen necessity. We recommend considering the importance of good outdoor ... Read More »

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How to prepare for a power outage

Hurricane Ian was the latest destructive hurricane to hit Florida. Besides the grave consequences of floods, destruction, and death, Hurricane Ian... Read More »

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When should a house be rewired?

If you discover that your electrical system isn’t operating properly, you should think about rewiring your house. Old wires are an electrical ha... Read More »

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lightning over house

Is lightning protection required in Florida?

Lightning Protection System Lightning can be dangerous; one bolt has so much electrical energy that it can cause a surge or fire in your home, and ... Read More »

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electric car charging at home

Electric Car Charger for Home

Electric mobility is the future of transportation. With gas prices skyrocketing and electric transportation technology being promoted by governmen... Read More »

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Security Lighting

Types of Outdoor Security Lighting

Outdoor Security Lighting Security lighting around your home is crucial in the prevention of criminal activity. Lighting is usually installed high ... Read More »

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Choosing Ceiling Fans

Ceiling Fan Installation Ceiling Fans come with endless options for personalization, which can make choosing one a hard decision. There are so ma... Read More »

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