Do Home Security Cameras Deter Crime? (Advice from Burglars)

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Professional Home Security Camera Installation

Right now many homeowners are taking steps to protect their homes with a security camera system. However, no one wants to spend money on a crime prevention measure that doesn’t work.

The big question is, do home security cameras placed on the outside of a home attract burglars, or do home security cameras deter crime? This is what we found from an informal survey and a university study that asked burglars these questions.

Advice from Burglars

The best way to answer this question is to consult actual burglars for real-life examples. KTVB anonymously surveyed 86 burglars who are currently in prison for their advice regarding security cameras. They found that while to some, a security camera might signal that there are valuables in the home, the vast majority stayed away from homes with a visible security camera.

For deterring home invaders, the best combination is a home security camera with an alarm system enabled. The majority of respondents said they left the property immediately if an alarm went off.

Other deterrents at the top of the list are always leaving a TV on inside the home and the presence of a big, loud barking dog.

Many of the respondents to the survey were remorseful about their past crimes and some offered advice to homeowners as a way of giving back.

Some of the top advice from burglars included:

  1. “Get a camera and make it visible!”
  2. “Home alarm, know your neighbor so they can report suspicious people around the neighborhood.”

The Statistics: Security Cameras Prevent Home Invasion

The definitive answer is that yes, home security cameras deter crime. This study from UNC Charlotte surveyed over 300 inmates incarcerated for burglary. They found that two of the deterrents with the highest results were security alarm systems security cameras. Around 55% of burglars said a security camera was a deterrent, and 60% of burglars said an alarm system was a deterrent, far outranking barking dogs, a car in the driveway, and people walking by.

Alarms and cameras were a greater deterrent when it came to burglars who spent time scouting and planning a break-in, with 83% reporting that they looked for an alarm system before selecting a target.

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