Who Can Install Security Cameras?

Who Can Install Security Cameras

Security System Installation Companies

If you’ve reached the decision that you need security cameras for your home or business, now it’s time to look at costs. Is it worth to hire a professional security camera installation company? What are the benefits of hiring someone else to install your security cameras, and is it necessary? This article is a breakdown of who can install security cameras, and the situations in which we recommend hiring a security camera installation business.

Can Anyone Install Security Cameras?

Anyone can install security cameras in your own home. However, if your security camera system requires changes to your electrical wiring, you will need to hire a licensed electrician to do the installation. In most states, anyone installing security systems outside their own home needs a license by law.

A license ensures a few things:
1) Knowledgeable installation with proper camera placement to keep your building secure
2) Safe installation to protect against electrical issues and camera failure
3) Recourse through your state licensing entity if the installer does a poor job
4) Protection against scammers, fraud, and criminals who use security camera installation as a cover

Unfortunately there have been many occurrences of scams and fraud around security system installation. Some security system scammers go door to door to gather information about your security system pretending to be working on behalf of the police department. Do not let just anyone into your home to install a security system.

Security camera installation is one of the most important services to contract through a licensed provider. Do your research on the kinds of security cameras the company installs, the security monitoring services that they offer, and the reputation that they have in your local community.

Do You Need a License to Install Security Cameras in Florida?

In Florida, you are legally required to obtain a license to install security cameras outside your own home. There are several types of licenses that will allow you to do this. The chart below shows a few of the kinds of licenses that allow you to offer professional security camera installation. Palmer Electric is a Certified Electrical Contractor, giving us the ability to install burglar alarms and security camera systems in Florida.

license to install security system florida

Visit the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation and click “Know Your Scope Chart” to view the full chart and learn about the different types of licenses that will allow a contractor install security systems.

When to Hire a Security Camera Installation Company

If you are installing the most basic wireless security cameras in your home and are tech savvy, you might not need professional security camera installation. However, in the situations below, we recommend hiring a professional security camera installation company.

Outdoor Security Camera Installation

Outdoor security camera installation requires knowledge of correct camera placement to successfully capture activity around the perimeter of your home. Installation often requires drilling into the walls of your home, which can expose you to live wiring or cause damage to your electrical wiring. A professional installer will ensure proper installation for the safety of your home.

Wired NVR and DVR Security Camera Installation

Ensure your wired security camera installation is carried out correctly by hiring a professional. A licensed technician will ensure all wires are installed correctly and will test your system to ensure your security footage transmission is working. If you have issues with your system, the installation company will be able to assist you.

Changes to Electrical Wiring Needed

If your security system will require changes to your electrical wiring, in this case you should hire a licensed electrician to install your security camera system. At Palmer Electric, we are licensed to handle all aspects of your security installation process, including electrical wiring changes.

Security Camera Installation

Palmer Electric provides professional home security camera installation as well as commercial security system installation. Our expert technicians will answer any questions you have about your security system and will place cameras in the best locations to keep your premises secure. We also provide 24/7 security system monitoring. Call us today to speak with a security system expert at (407) 646-8700.

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