How to Choose Home Security Cameras

Orlando Home Security Cameras

Keeping your home safe has never been easier with the new age of technology. However, many people feel overwhelmed picking a camera due to the vast options available. Follow these easy steps to find home security cameras perfect for your needs.

Step One: Decide if you want to self-monitor or want professional monitoring


With self-monitoring, you will have to monitor the footage yourself. That means you are responsible for maintaining your security.

Professional monitoring

Professional monitoring is usually done as a monthly subscription fee, as well as service fees. With professional monitoring, if something is flagged, an employee will reach out to you, as well as the police if something is suspected.

Step two: Decide what type of home security cameras you want

Video Doorbells

With video doorbells, when motion is detected, these cameras send alerts right to your smartphone. They also have two-way audio which allows you to talk to the person ringing the bell. The nice thing about these cameras is they use the same power line as the doorbell. However, a downside is they aren’t compatible with a pre-existing doorbell chime and there could be problems if your wifi connection isn’t good outside your home. A big part of deciding what kind of camera depends on where you want to monitor. Video doorbells are great for monitoring doors but aren’t suitable for monitoring other parts of your home.

Infrared security cameras

Infrared security cameras are weatherproof and offer clear video in the dark.

Dome cameras

Dome cameras are ceiling mounted and sometimes can be remote controlled.

Bullet cameras

Bullet cameras are the cylindrical cameras, perfect when you know exactly where you want coverage.

Hidden cameras

Hidden cameras are good when you want it to be hard for people to recognize them.

Step three: Decide if you want battery powered, hybrid cameras or wired cameras


Battery-powered cameras are commonly used because you can place it anywhere, regardless of if there is an outlet near. Battery powered surveillance cameras are also easy to install. However, the downside is that you will need to recharge the battery frequently.


Hybrid cameras are WIFI cameras operated through the AC power cable. Therefore, they will need to be near an outlet.


Wired cameras don’t use battery or wifi, making them a top choice for homes with unstable connectivity.

Step four: Picking a cloud storage plan

Memory cards are not commonly used for cameras due to the size of video recorded, so most cameras use cloud storage. With cloud storage videos are saved on a server. The cost of cloud storage can vary depending on manufacturers. The majority of plans only save videos where motion was detected, not continuous video.

Step five: What advanced features do you want?

Many cameras offer a variety of advanced features. For example, some offer facial recognition where you can safe faces such as family and friends. Another advanced feature some cameras allow the customer to set activity zones. This means the customer can pick an area within the cameras view to pay lots of attention to or completely ignore. It is also becoming more common for cameras to have voice detections so that they can respond to voice commands.

Security Cameras Installation Company

Keep your home safe by getting a home video surveillance system that matches your needs. At Palmer Electric, we offer the highest quality of security camera installation services in Orlando and Central Florida. Contact us today or call us at 407.646.8700 for a free quote.


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