Beginners Guide to Choosing Ceiling Fans

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It is easy to feel lost when shopping for ceiling fans. There are multiple options available, which can be overwhelming. Continue reading to make ceiling fan shopping a breeze.

Ceiling Fan Mounting Options

Ceiling Fan Service


This type of mounting is recommended if the ceiling is 8 feet or less. Hugger ceiling fans are commonly seen in apartments and condos because they allow for minimal space between the housing and the ceiling.


If the distance between the floor and ceiling is approximately nine feet, you may want to consider this option. Here a short downrod a few inches long is used between the ceiling and the fan. A pro of this option is that the space created will allow for efficiency, but is still close to the ceiling.


With high ceilings, long downrods are your best option. By using long downrods, the fan is extended allowing for proper air circulation.


Sloped ceiling adapter should be when the ceiling is inclined. It is important to check if the fan is compatible with angled ceiling before purchasing a fan.

Blade Options

When being presented with the option of four or five blades, many wonder if there is even a difference in efficiency. Well, there is. The more blades a fan has, the heavier the blades are which will slow down the fan and decrease air circulation.

Blade Finishes Options

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This is a commonly used option due to how inexpensive it is. In addition, they can be easily shaped into unique forms. They also can be used outside.

Medium Density Fiberboard

This option is made from a variety of woods that are compressed together. After being compressed, the material is laminated. This is not a good option for outdoor settings.


This is a good option if the ceiling is high and space is large. This is also a great option for outdoors.


This option should be used indoors or outdoor damp locations.

Outdoor Fan Options

Wet Rated

These types of fans are resistant to all types of weather. They can come in contact with water and the finishes will not get damaged. They also protect against any type of corrosion.

Damp Rated

These types of fans are suitable for covered outside areas because they can sustain natural humidity. However, these fans aren’t meant to have direct contact with water. These types of fans protect against rust.

Control Options

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fanSync is an app that users download on their smartphones and can monitor the speed and lighting of their fan from their fingertips.

Handheld/Wall Combo

A wall control is easily installed on your wall. A handheld remote allows for users to change fan settings anywhere within the romotes range. There are also hybrid options of handheld and wall, which combines the two into one.

Pull Chain

This option is the traditional way to operate fans.

Energy Saving Options

Purchase a ceiling fan with an “Energy Star” label. This is a label given by the EPA when the product has gone through rigorous testing to establish high efficiency. In addition, these products save you money on your power bill. These products also come with a warranty.

Ceiling Fan Installation Near Me

With all the different options available when looking to buying a ceiling fan, the purchasing process can be stressful. Contacting an Orlando ceiling fan installation company can save you time and money in the long term. Palmer Electric are ceiling fan experts in Central Florida since 1951. We provide top quality ceiling fan installation with free estimates. Visit our contact page or call us for a free quote.

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