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Ceiling Fans come with endless options for personalization, which can make choosing one a hard decision. There are so many styles and configurations to consider. For example, how many blades should your fan have? What kind is most energy efficient? What blades are best?

When selecting ceiling fans most people prioritize aesthetics, however performance is a factor you want to consider. Blade size, blade material and number of blades influence the performance of the fan. Continue reading to learn about the ideal blade material and number of blades.

Ceiling Fan Blade Material

Plastic: Plastic blades are a material with many advantages. For example, plastic blades are very easy to clean. They even sell plastic blades that you can wash in the dishwasher. Because plastic can be molded and dyed, there are various blade options made out of plastic. Plastic is also light-weight which means the fan will weigh less overall. Plastic blades will not deteriorate as easily with the climate compared to other materials. This is because plastic is not greatly affected by moisture and humidity. In addition, it is unlikely that plastic blades will be affected by heat in the kitchen. 

Timber/Wood: Ceiling blades made out of timber are very durable. Timber blades also generate less noise. There are plenty of styles made with different kinds of wood as well as different finishes. Usually the wood is processed with plastic to prevent deterioration and to improve airflow. However, if the blades are not infused with plastic, they will likely accrue damage from moisture.

Metal: Blades made out of metal are also long-lasting. They perform exceptionally well due to minimal air resistance. However, this material is heavier which means it will require a stronger motor. This can cause them to be noisier compared to other blade materials. It is not recommended to use metal blades outside because they can rust. 

Cloth: Using cloth blades is a popular option because of the aesthetic. However, they can be hard to clean because the material attracts dust.

Number of Blades

3-Blades: Three blade fans are ideal because fewer parts require less energy to rotate. This saves homeowners money on their energy bill. Many people love the aesthetic of a three blade fan because of the modern appeal. Another benefit is that they do not consume that much space in a room. However one disadvantage is that three blade fans are often noisier than fans with more blades.

4-Blades: Many people appreciate four blade fans because of the symmetry in the number of blades. They are less noisy than three blade fans. They usually come in many different designs. However, they are pricier than most three blade fans. In addition, they are usually slower than three blade fans because of the extra weight.

5-Blades: Five blade fans generate regular airflow because of the proximity of each blade. Also, five blade fans are usually the quietest of the three mentioned. These kinds of fans are not as common, so they will be pricer. Because of the extra blades, the motor will need more energy to operate.

Overall, fans with various numbers of blades have minimal differences between them. Less blades will be more efficient, but more blades cause less noise. Consider the motor size of the fan because a high power motor will increase airflow, regardless of the number of blades. You also want to consider the blade pitch because the steeper the blades, the stronger the motor will need to be. Blade pitch is a big factor in the amount of air that is circulated. Lastly, consider the room for the fan. If you are looking for a fan for your bedroom or office, a quiet fan will likely be best. This is also an important consideration when selecting blade material as some materials are affected by heat and moisture.

Ceiling Fan Installation Company

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